geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!


...A community and media network made up of geeks, gamers, servers and content creators. 


Over the years, The Hive has evolved into one of the top gaming communities in the world and one of the largest cross play videogame server hosts on the planet. The Hive are a diverse and talented group of streamers, podcasters, esports players, geek and gaming culture fans and more. The core of The Hive is our Discord with over 6,000 members with hundreds of daily active users playing our servers, teaming up, joining game nights, completing quests, exchanging ideas, supporting each others content and enjoying and chatting about this culture we all love!


Our community covers a wide variety of other subjects too with channels for each. Fandoms, Anime, Editing, Comics, Films, Manga, Collectables, School work, Art, Music, Motor vehicles, Crypto, Sports, Nature, Cosplay, Memes and Technology, to name just a few, we have a channel for almost everything!

Our Discord also has support channels for health and wellbeing, and is a great place to meet friends, with lots of people who are here to listen. Our community is much more than a gaming community, so why not join and see for yourself!


...Videogame Servers for both Xbox One and PC, specialising across a range of titles in both the survival gaming and shooter genres such as Ark Survival Evolved, Atlas, Battlefield, Citadel, Conan Exiles, Minecraft and Valheim with plans to expand into many more games, platforms and genres in the near future. You can check out our current servers here.

We also host online events including community game nights several nights a week,  from Call of Duty, Gears of War, Jackbox, Battlefield, skribbl and more. You will find a fun variety of different events happening across our servers or community almost every single day of the week. There's something for all gamers! Everyone is welcome!

The Hive has grown tremendously since we started hosting servers back in 2017, we are now one of the leading communities in the world for crossplay videogame server hosting and we're very excited for the future, where we will also be expanding much more as well as introducing real life events such as gaming tournaments, cons, and community vacations. We will also be going back to our roots of hosting rock nights and raves. Get involved! 

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From creators, admins, and community members across all areas, we have 100s of messages and reviews from users on our discord in the community reviews channel where you can see for yourself what everyone has to say about The's just a few!

"Out of all the servers we’ve played on, we really enjoy how friendly The Hive is, and how prompt you guys are at the top. We haven’t seen it before and we really do appreciated it!" - RadicalBread

"The admin team on our server is literally amazing. I’ve never seen more hard working and friendly people in a video game, or real life! The Hive council is truly amazing…cheers to our amazing admin team and everyone else who helps make this server run smoothly. Keep up the amazing work!" – Dorgin Volg

"What a great server. Best one I’ve been on by miles!" - Lone Wolf Will

"I've been through a lot of clusters and I do not mind showing my support and appreciation for a team that deserves it. Hive, you deserve all the love!Gummylick

"One of the best Ark Clusters I have ever played on! Going on 2 years for me in a few months. Met so many new folks over that time and hoping to meet many more and enjoy Ark2 with you all. Much love and success to Collinz and the rest of The Hive Family!" -  Nikki/Medusa

"The Hive was and continues to be my new family. I love everybody here and this community is full of the most amazing people you'll find! Ill never leave <3" Britkrosis

"For a long time I've been looking for a place that encourages my hobbies and skills, allowing me to connect with those who share the same passion, and The Hive is without a doubt the place for me. Everyone is supportive and friendly."Mr KDB 

"I was so nervous when I joined the server. It's been almost two months and this place is amazing. The community is amazing, the founders and admins are amazing. It's nice to have a home." – Stella

"I bounced from pvp servers and was about to give up playing Ark. When I found The Hive it was my last one I was ever going to try. After just a few weeks of seeing the standard The Hive held itself up to that I have not seen on other unofficial servers, I can say I’m not going anywhere. From Ark to various other games, The Hive truly is the only gaming community for everyone." - De

"It’s been almost a year since I joined this amazing server!!! Came from a very toxic one to this and thought okay let’s try it out, we can move on to the next. A year later I never thought I would be where I am today, or have such amazing friends and family as I do now!!! I have opened up more than I ever have, have tried new things in game and have met some pretty bad ass people!!! The best decision @Odin- Senpai {Atlas Admin}  and I ever made was coming here!!!! Can’t wait for many more amazing months and years with y’all!!!!" -  Alli Kat