geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!



...a community and media network made up of geeks, gamers, and content creators, promoters + more. Over the years, The Hive has evolved into a diverse and talented group of streamers, podcasters, esports players, geek-culture fans and more. The core of The Hive is our Discord which now has almost 4,000 members with 100s of daily active users exchanging ideas, supporting each others content, and chatting about the culture we love!


Our community covers a wide variety of subjects such as Gaming, Anime, Comic Books, Films, Manga, Retro culture, Collectibles, Art, Music, MMA, Nature, Cosplay and Technology etc.

Our Discord also has support channels for health and wellbeing, and is a great place to meet friends, with lots of people who are here to listen. Our community is more than a gaming community, so why not join and see for yourself!


...We host online and physical events, including game nights almost 7 days a week. From COD, Gears, Rocket League and more, there's something for everyone and casual players are welcome!


For the more competitive and hardcore gamers, we have eSports teams which are always looking for new players to join or create a squad!


We host servers for both Xbox One and PC across a range of games, such as Ark, Atlas, Minecraft, and more. Check out our servers here.

The Hive has grown in 2020, and we're looking to the future for more events at cons, and even hosting our own mini-cons and club nights. Get involved!





We're also on just about every social media platform it's possible to be one, so tweet us, like us, and follow across the web for daily content and updates from the team!

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