Server Rates and Settings:

  • 4x Experience

  • 4x Gather

  • 0.5x Thrall Conversion Multiplier

  • 1x Item Conversion Multiplier

  • 0.1x Idle Thirst Multiplier

  • 0.5x Active Thirst Multiplier

  • 0.1x Idle Hunger Multiplier

  • 0.5x Active Hunger Multiplier

  • 0.5x Durability Multiplier

  • 0.5x Day Cycle Speed

  • 1.3x Player Health Multiplier

  • 1.5x Player Stamina Multiplier

  • 1x Stamina Cost Multiplier:

  • 0.5x Item Spoil Rate Scale

  • 1.5x Resource Spawn Speed Multiplier

  • Max Clan Size: 10

Other Information:

  • Combat Mode: Player vs Environment

  • Items in inventory are kept on death

  • Characters do not stay in the game when logged out

  • Only owner can loot player corpse

  • Community events

  • Community dungeons

  • Real life raffles, prizes and merch

Server Rules:

  • Don't build on someone's doorstep. Be considerate and leave others some space to expand

  • Don't troll others. Any trolling behaviour will be dealt with accordingly. This includes kiting, stalking, stealing and more

  • When you move please break down your old structure to prevent clutter

  • Do not build in the Volcano

  • Do not leave thralls and pets around the map

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