geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!


Hive Gaming Community has a diverse team of creators who bring you really awesome daily content in the shape of live streams, videos, podcasts, short stories, music, cosplay and artwork, plus a continuous stream of daily content, polls, and fan chat on their social feeds - and everything in between!

Many of the HGC creator team members also act as hosts for our game nights or admins for our servers! Join us today to see what The Hive Creator Team has to offer. 

The Hive is not only for our own creators but any creators all over the world, we are a one stop shop for creator help, setup, advertising, marketing, companionship and beyond.

If you stream or create content on the likes of Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube etc, then join the Discord today, interact, share your content and Get Involved!

Creator Clips

Want to join the Creator team?

We're always looking for content creators to join the team! Think you'd be a great and supportive team member? Apply now!

Being an official member of the team comes with many perks such as...

  • Autohosts

  • Going live' notifications

  • Raids

  • Lurking

  • Chatting and Interaction

  • Networking

  • Co-Streams

  • Advice from design professionals

  • Access to creator team assets for streams


  • Promotion + Marketing

  • Setup and tech assistance

  • Help and Support

  • Free Games

  • Event tickets

  • Streamer only servers from our sponsors Nitrado

  • Discounted Hive Merch

  • And so much more!