geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!



What started as a few streamers has evolved into a diverse group of creators who bring you daily content in the shape of live streams, gaming clips, podcasts, cosplay tips, fan art, plus a conintious stream of daily memes, polls, and fan chat on our social feeds - and everything in between!

We have a dedicated creator team all with their own unique output, and many of them also act as hosts for our game nights! Take a look below and click the links to discover what The Hive Creator Team has to offer.


Creator Team Clip of the week...

Want to join the team?

We're always looking for content creators to contribute to the official output of the hive. Think you've got something to show off? Apply now!

Being an official member of the team comes with many perks such as...

  • Autohosts and and 'going live' notifications to
    Discord members and on our social media feeds.

  • Raids

  • Lurking

  • Chatting and Interaction

  • Networking

  • Co-Streams


  • Advice from design professionals

  • Access to creator team assets for streams

  • Promotion + Marketing

  • Setup

  • Help and Support

  • Free Games, Event tickets and Servers from our sponsors Nitrado

  • And so much more!



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