geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

geeks, gamers, and more...join us!

Rules and Settings

The Hive Community

Ark Survival Evolved PvE Cluster

Xbox & Windows 

Hosting since October 2017 - No wipe!

Search “The Hive Community” to join!

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Maps & Stats:


All maps plus extras:

3 Gen Pt2, 3 Ragnarök, 2 GenPt1, 2 Crystal Isles & 2 Island!

+ Events map, Raid Events & Seasonal PvP server!

6x XP, 6x Harvest and 6x Taming

50x Hatch & 32x Maturation

+ Monthly evo boosts, special boosted rates & settings!

Difficulty level 10 (Level 300 wild dinos)

Default character level

Engrams auto-unlock to level 90 on spawn (No Tek or special engrams)

Low player food & water drain

2.5x slower spoiling

4x Fishing loot & custom recipes

2x Slower fuel consumption

50x Crop growth & decay

5x Platform limit

2x Oxygen swim speed

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Server Extras:


Friendly & helpful admins

Ticket system for fixes and assistance

Community centers & adoption centers

Events, prizes & giveaways

Bush berry seed admin store

Custom drops

Starter packs can be found in white drops

Starter dinos & packs from our lovely sages or players

Transfer element between maps

Stack mod/custom stack sizes

No cryo sickness

No Clip (Build into terrain)

Special colour events such as Easter & Summer Bash!

Cave flying

Flyer carry (pick up wilds)

Non-permanent diseases

Flying stamina recovery

Anyone can imprint!

Daily Restart - 9AM UK

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Structure and Dino decay timers:


Thatch= 4 days, Greenhouse= 15 days, Wood= 8 days,

Stone= 12 days Metal= 16 days, Tek = 20 days, Dinos= 16 days

​Player Behaviour Rules:

  • • Firm but very fair admins; treat us how you want to be treated. Patience is key.

  • • Be respectful, treat others how you want to be treated, this includes both players and The Hive Team members. We are a mature gaming community; we don’t have time for childish bickering or drama. Just have fun gaming!

  • • No Racism, Homophobia, hate speech or being offensive. There will be no tolerance for this at all here; this includes player names, tribe names, signposts and buildings etc, we have families playing here, please be respectful.

  • • No trolling. Things such as picking up players, kiting, drowning or going into bases uninvited.

  • • No in-siding, or intentional tribe drama.

  • • No players or tribes called Human; you must change your name.

  • • Don't push players away, you should be making these servers always feel homely and welcome

Building Rules:

  • • Only 1 large base per tribe, per map. One 10x10 outpost, and a water pen elsewhere are okay.

  • • Ab/Gen/Gen2 outposts must be 4x4 - no water pens

  • • 1 ocean platform counts as a water pen AND outpost combo (no separate outpost if you choose this)

  • • More than 1 ocean platform is considered a base. Water platforms do not count as an outpost on any map, only a combo           waterpen/outpost.

  • • 1 tree platform or 1 cliff platform can count as an outpost (except on Ab/Gen) - If you leave traveling builds (boats, platform saddle builds, etc) out of render of your base it counts as your 1 allotted outpost. If it is a vanity or adventure build, it must be parked within your base render zone when you are offline.

  • • When building a base, please make sure your base can render in completely from one side to the other side (from each side), or you will be asked to downsize when it comes to the attention of the team. Do not build excessively high – if the space is not functional it is not necessary. If you are in render, (height or width), but creating large amounts of lag, you may still be asked to downsize or adjust. These rules are for the health of the maps, as well as fairness of space for our community, and admin discretion may be used if there are lag-causing issues, or excessive, unhealthy building

  • • No building in or blocking Artifact caves, High resource areas, pathways, Genesis glitches, Genesis Pt2 connecting tunnels, mission terminals, asteroid belt/space or Rockwell’s innards

  • • Don’t build on another tribes doorstep, you must build completely out of render range when possible and take into account the potential of yours and others base growth. This includes alliance tribes -- no communes or small towns

  • • Unlockable structures such as transmitters, gas veins, oil wells and taps must be unlocked (unless indicated that the vein is from supporter rewards)

  • • Remove taming pens and traps after use. Only exceptions are traps in your own base. Remove stand alone cookers (Ext) after element/soap conversion. Cookers at a rule-abiding outpost is acceptable

  • • No Land grabbing, pillaring or foundation spam

  • • No building around dinos or structures to claim them

  • • No blocking off supply crates/drops

  • • No blocking off terminals on Extinction

Dino Rules:

  • • Only 4 Stryders, 4Wyverns, 4 Brontos, 4 Gigas, 4 Magmas, 10 rexes, and 2 Space Whales can be left out per tribe/per map (Unless running a boss fight, or actively breeding -- offline timers that indicate you have been offline/off map for more than 2 hours will be in violation of this rule). These are some of the main causes of lag, keep as many as you like but please keep extras cryo podded. (Admins may use their discretion to ask you to cryo any type of tame left out in excess).

  • • No leaving dinos on mating or wander. Breed them then turn it off right away. This will help to prevent extra lag and potential loss of your dinos. (admin pew pew on repeat offenders/breeding bombs)

  • • Don't leave Dinos on the obelisk. If your dino gets transported to a boss fight and dies, it will not be replaced.

  • • Do not claim a supporter, sage or Admins dinos. They will be taken back should you decide to not let us know about them being up for claim.

  • • You CANNOT sell boss rexes. There are free o.p boss rexes available.

  • • Don’t leave dinos on aggressive wander outside of base.

  • • No leaving tek stryders in space tunnels

  • • No abusing/exploiting the Noglins powers. Do not use them on another player without consent.

Courtesy Tips + Extras:

  • • If handing over a tribe or base on any map of ours, please have the player join your tribe and promote them to owner or merge tribes. Be careful of who has ownership before you leave a tribe and when you use the merge option. If joining a tribe and you already have structures/dinos then please USE THE MERGE OPTION, otherwise you will not take your structures/dinos with you into the new tribe.

  • • Avoid tribing up with randoms until you have established a good relationship with the player (an alliance is a good way to start!). Admins will not get involved with tribe drama a majority of the time, unless circumstances require our involvement.

  • • Create a tribe each map you visit and use ark-register-and-recruit when you build bases to help the community or admins best assist you!

  • • Try to avoid building in Viking bay on Ragnarok or within the city on Extinction completely. These are known laggy glitch spots and the cause of most crashes and problems.

  • • If any issues occur which are out of your hands, such as a glitch, please record a video so an admin can assist. Dinos/items will not be replaced without documentation, or dino insurance.

  • • Building: Admin discretion may be used to allow limited render on Aberration, Extinction, and the Genesis Maps, when the build in question is above or below one's base, as there are many tiers to these maps, and therefore could limit building spots more than necessary.

  • • Please react to any pings/notifications/tags you receive

  • • You may have snail farms, HOWEVER be sure that any of your 'farm' snails are neutered/spayed/fixed so they are not creating breeding bombs.